Drug and Alcohol Testing Questions and Answers

The Q&A below are the most frequent questions asked from our clients.

General Frrequintly Asked Questions
See page 1 – Mandatory Federal Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Guidlines
DOT’s 61 page guide 2 – What Employers Need To Know About D&A Testing
See page 3 – Who is Required to Test?
DOT – FMCSA Regulations
Visit page 4 – FMCSA Complete Regulations
Visit page 5 – DOT Part 40 Regulations
Visit page 6 – DOT Part 40 Qustions & Answers
Visit page 7 – FMCSA Part 382 Regulations
Visit page Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administation (FMCSA) Home Site
Visit page Department of Transportation (DOT) Home Site
CHP Tow Rotation
Visit page CHP Tow Rotation Information Page
Visit page CHP Rotation Program Frequintly Asked Questions
See document CHP 2012 – 2013 Tow Service Agreement (Adobe PDF)
See document CHP 2013 – 2014 Tow Agreement (Adobe PDF)
Public Utilities Comission (PUC)
Visit page PUC Information Page
Visit page PUC Basic Information for Passenger Carriers and Applicants
Visit page What is the PUC’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program?
Visit page PUC Testing Guidelines
Texas Department of Licensing Regulation (TDLR)
Visit page TDLR Frequintly Asked Questions
Title 14 Rules and Regs Tow Trucks, Operators and Vehicle Storage Facilities Law
Visit page Towing – Administrative Rules
Visit page Vehicle Storage Facility – Administrative Rules