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A new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration program now requires all commercial drivers whose current medical certificate expires on or after May 21, 2014, to be examined by a medical examiner certified and listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. California based drivers of School Buses, School Activity Buses, Youth Buses, General Public Paratransit Vehicles, and Farm Labor Vehicles must also use an examiner listed on the Registry.



DOT Drug Testing: After January 1, 2018 – Still a 5-Panel

DOT 5 Panel Notice Full notice available at https://www.transportation.gov/odapc/DOT_5_Panel_Notice_2018. DOT Drug Testing: After January 1, 2018 – Still a 5-Panel

Taking The High Road: Marijuana Tester For Drivers Taking Shape

As states across the country legalize marijuana use, either for medicinal or recreational purposes, a predictable outcome is that over time more drivers will get behind the wheel under its influence. However, as compared to drivers pulled over for suspicion of drinking and drunk driving, determining impairment from smoking is significantly harder to do.

Congressional reps ask FMCSA to move quickly in allowing carriers to drug test drivers via hair sample

Seven members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter late last month to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration expressing their support for allowing a group of large carriers to begin drug testing drivers exclusively via hair sample — but only after the Department of Health and Human Services produces guidelines for such […]



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