Random DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium programs

AADT’s DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium programs are the benchmark by which state agencies measure other programs.

We offer a nationwide, DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium programs administration (C/TPA) services for companies regulated by Federal and State government, and we offer Drug-free programs for non-regulated employees.

In addition, our DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium programs has a strong history in the transportation industry specializing in providing owner-operators with their own authority and motor carriers of all sizes with convenient, cost effective support to facilitate and manage their drug and alcohol testing compliance.

AADT is a committed partner that has been offering economical compliance solutions to tens of thousands of clients since 1995.

We will help you implement a quality substance abuse prevention and testing program that meets federal, state and industry standards.

New and Current Clients –  Account Access Set-up

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Our program includes all the following benefits:

Company Compliance Manual

A comprehensive compliance manual that includes the DOT Regulations pertaining to the FMCSA 49 CFR (Parts 40 & 382) requirements, detailed instructions on how to get started, answers to common questions, sample company policies, educational and training information, and much more.

Company Certificate of Enrollment

The Company Enrollment Certificate is your proof that you are enrolled.

Driver/Employee Information Handbooks

Drivers must be made aware of the DOT requirements of Part 382 and how random testing will be implemented. This is clearly explained, along with other important information, in the handbook, available in English or Spanish.

Individual Employee ID Cards

The Employee ID card are used for verification and contact purposes.

Sample Company Policy

Employers are obligated to provide the employee the company’s policies and procedures with respect to meeting the DOT requirements. It is the employer’s responsibility to be familiar with any additional local, state, and federal laws, or any collective bargaining agreements that may impact when, where, and how testing is performed when implementing a Drug Free Workplace.

Nationwide Collection Sites

Every effort is made to locate a collection site within 10 miles of your home, terminal, or job site, although those in remote areas may require further travel. In most cases collection supplies are shipped directly to the sites, and you can use any of our nationwide authorized sites at any time.

Laboratory Testing at Dept. of Health and Human Service Labs (HHS)

SAMSHA/NIDA certified labs for all testing.

Medical Review Officers (MROs)

review and interpret test results from the lab and report directly to the employer/owner-operator, using your choice of 5 reporting methods.

Complete Program Administration

We provide all required administration, quality control, materials, record keeping, summary reports, and EAP referrals.

Prepaid Testing

All collections, materials, forms, shipping costs, tests, and results are prepaid by AADT when you use our authorized sites. All initial random tests are included in your enrollment fee; all other tests will be billed directly by us to you at our discounted rates.


PLEASE NOTE: According to DOT §382.301, which concerns pre-employment testing, if an applicant is new to the industry or has not participated in a DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium program within the past 30 days, he/she is required to perform a pre-test before performing safety sensitive duties or enrolling in a DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium programs.

If a driver has been in a program and has been tested within the past 6 months, or has been enrolled in a program for the past 12 months with no violations, he/she may be exempt.

Please be aware there is an additional fee for pre-employment testing.