About AADT Services

AADT can provide the administration of pre-employment, DOT random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and follow-up testing.

Random selections are made by state-of-the-art program management software on a quarterly basis. If an employee is selected for random testing, the Designated Employer Representative (DER) of the location will receive a confidential notification identifying the employee by name and partial social security number, indicating the type of test to be performed (i.e. drug or drug and alcohol), and instructions for testing procedure.

For DOT-regulated employees, the annual random test selection rate will be consistent with DOT mandated testing rates. Our program includes specimen collections at any one of our authorized collection sites, testing of the specimen at our certified lab, result review and reporting by a qualified medical review officer (MRO), results reporting by your preferred method to the designated program administrator (usually within 72 hours from the time of collection), and semiannual statistical reports supplied by the laboratory. No additional fee is required for each initial random drug or alcohol test, regardless of the amount of selections. Please see our program pricing for more information.

For non-DOT employees the annual random test selection rate will be a minimum of 25% for drugs and 10% for alcohol.

AADT also provides support and services for Drug-Free Work Place testing.

All non-random testing is offered at our discounted rate, along with utilization of any of our 675+ authorized sites. You do not pay at the time of the collection, nor will you be billed separately by the collection site.

The Federal Custody and Control Forms (CCF) and testing kits required for DOT testing are stored at each authorized collection site.

We provide sample company policies to aid in the development of a standard policy to help your organization inform employees concerning your Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Misuse Prevention Program for both DOT-regulated programs and non-regulated Drug-Free programs.

AADT can provide the referral services of a qualified substance abuse professional (a DOT requirement) should there be a positive drug test result or an alcohol violation rate greater than .04. This Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service includes evaluation, recommendation for treatment, recommendation for follow-up testing, and should the employer choose, a monitored follow-up testing program and completion evaluation if the employee will return to safety-sensitive functions as defined by FMCSA.

AADT can provide training and certification for supervisors and managers on behavioral observation, signs and symptoms and education on the misuse of drugs and alcohol. Supervisor training is a DOT requirement and must be completed before employee reasonable-suspicion testing can be initiated. Our 2-hour training is in the form of a USB video kit, which includes leader guides and a quiz. A certificate is provided upon completion.