About the DOT Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Our DOT random drug and alcohol testing program offers a complete approved DOT testing which includes a computer-generated random selections, drug and alcohol collections, lab testing, medical review officer (MRO) review and reporting, substance abuse professional (SAP) referrals, required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) reports, training, and materials.

We provide a nationwide network of collection sites with a 24-hour post-accident hotline. Typically an authorized collection site is provided within a 10-mile radius of your various locations; remote locations are dependent upon availability.

To assist you in understanding the DOT requirements and our program, we will make all pertinent regulations, sample policies, training, forms, educational and helpline information easily accessible in our comprehensive Electronic Company Compliance Manual. In addition, you will receive an electronic certificate of enrollment, driver information handbook for the DOT-regulated employees, and enrollment ID cards for employees.

AADT will also provide your organization with professional, knowledgeable customer service personnel to support you and your business. Each account is assigned to an individual customer service specialist who is familiar with your account and individual needs. In addition, any of our bilingual Spanish speaking representatives are also available to assist you. Our staff is efficient, professional, and will protect your employees’ confidentiality. AADT’s entire staff is educated and knowledgeable concerning DOT Regulations, PUC Resolution, and Drug-Free Workplace requirements for non-mandated employees.

We are an organization committed to continued education and training; therefore, most of our staff members are or have been Certified Professional Specimen Collectors and have completed Reasonable Suspicion Training. We also have staff members who are Certified EBT (Evidential Breath Alcohol Technicians) and who have successfully completed DATIA’s Professional Collector Certification.

AADT is proactive in the drug testing industry nationally; we are members of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPPA). These organizations provide direction in the implementation of drug and alcohol misuse prevention program procedures. DATIA and SAPAA resources are utilized to help ensure the integrity of AADT, and our clients have full access to our resources, in-depth knowledge, and experience. We are also committed to education and public safety. We are long-time members of both the CVSA and the Roadway Safety Foundation.