Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Information Guide

Substance Abuse is a medical problem that can affect an employee’s job performance and attendance, which create risks for the individual, the company, and the general public. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), FMCSA 49 CFR 40 Subpart O (§40.281 – §40.313) when a commercial driver has tested positive for a DOT regulated test or has refused to be tested, the driver is considered “unqualified” to legally perform safety sensitive duties until the individual is evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). For quality service at a reasonable cost, AADT recommends the following Substance Abuse Professional to our clients:


Dr. Karmen M. Payne with KP Enterprise Inc/Karmen EAP, International, offers an Employee Assistance Program designed to help drivers/owner-operators who have violated DOT Drug and Alcohol Regulations to re-gain the authority to perform safety sensitive duties. Her experience is very diverse in counseling and training. She has been in the Employee Assistance Program field since 1986 and possesses an extensive educational background which includes: Doctorate in Hypnotherapy, Masters in Psychology, Bachelors in Psychology, Certified Employee Assistance Professional and Certified Substance Abuse Professional, among others.

Karmen EAP, International was founded in 1992 and is based in Costa Mesa, California with a network of SAP’s throughout the United States that are certified in the DOT regulations. She is one of the few SAP’s that offer a complete employee assistance program, including monitored testing and a completion evaluation. Due to the limited availability of Substance Abuse Professional’s that are certified under the DOT Regulations, applicants may be required to travel outside of their local area, but Karmen EAP International will make every possible effort to connect drivers with certified SAP’s that are the closest to the individual’s area. AADT has utilized Karmen EAP International services since 2000; Dr. Karmen Payne provides a program that meets all DOT 49 CFR 40 SAP requirements.

Other Substance Abuse Treatment Facility listing is available online at:





or in your local phone book.

Please be advised there are specific qualifications that a SAP must obtain to qualify to evaluate the driver/employee for DOT. This is extremely important information when seeking a SAP.

If a driver/employee uses an unqualified SAP the program will be invalid for DOT purposes and he/she will remain ineligible to return to duty. Also many SAPs do not offer a complete Employee Assistance Program including the monitoring services.

Please contact AADT at (909) 982-8409 regarding pricing for testing fees or forms for companies, individuals or owner/operators that choose to do their return-to-duty or follow-up drug/and or alcohol testing through AADT.