Use these tips to complete your pre-employment query

When hiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL) driver, employers must now conduct a pre-employment query. This query checks to see if there is any violation information reported to the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse associated with that driver’s CDL information.

Before you can conduct the pre-employment query, you must obtain the driver’s electronic consent. In this process, the employer (or designated C/TPA) logs in to the Clearinghouse and sends the request, the driver then logs in to his or her Clearinghouse account to respond to the request.

I am trying to conduct the pre-employment query, but the Clearinghouse says it cannot verify the driver’s CDL information.

The Clearinghouse checks the CDL information you entered with the States’ CDL systems, which tracks driver CDLs nationwide. If the information you entered does not verify, make sure you have entered the driver’s CDL information correctly. If the CDL number has special characters (such as spaces, dashes, or leading zeros), try entering the CDL number with or without these characters, as requirements vary by State.

I was able to submit the consent request, but the driver does not see it in his/her dashboard.

First, make sure the driver has a verified CDL in their Clearinghouse profile. Have the driver log in to his or her Clearinghouse account. If the driver has not verified his or her CDL information, there will be a message on his or her Driver Dashboard with next steps prompting him or her to do so. Once the driver has verified their CDL, the pending consent request should display on their Driver Dashboard.

If you have confirmed that the driver has verified his or her CDL information in the Clearinghouse, and the driver still does not see the pending consent request, try sending a new consent request (you can cancel the pending consent request, which will credit your query balance). This time, when you enter the CDL information, enter it exactly as the driver entered it in the Clearinghouse, including all zeroes, dashes, special characters, etc.

If you follow these steps and still encounter issues, please contact us.

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