Save Money on Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training Through 8/30

AADT will be offering two training sessions on DOT Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion, which is a requirement of DOT CFR 49 Part 382.  If you have not taken this training or would like to brush-up on your knowledge, please join us at the West American Truck Show in Fresno, CA on September 24th and 25th.  The sessions will be held each day from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Early bird pricing of $69 per person will be available through August 30th; registration after that will cost an additional $10.  To register for these sessions or to get more information please click here.

Check Random Notifications Closely


Example of notification from AADT – note highlighted portion

With the first quarter of 2016 testing coming to a close we would like to point out a few things regarding your random notifications. When the notification and authorization forms are mailed out to you, we ask that you take a moment to review and read the notification instructions. The most important section is what the employee/driver has been selected to complete. Many of our clients just hand the authorization form to the selected individual without explaining which type of test(s) they will need to complete once they arrive at the collection site. If the selected individual has to complete a drug and alcohol test and the collector only performs the drug test you will then receive a Second Notice that the individual still needs to complete the alcohol test. This would be an inconvenience for you and the driver to have to stop working and go out to test again.

It’s also important to send the driver to a collection site that does both drug and alcohol tests. We have an online list of our collection sites and you should only select sites that do both tests just by simply marking the box in the search feature.

Collection Site Search

Example of our AADT online site locator – note highlighted area

Once the driver has completed both tests you must then fill out the notification form and email or fax back to AADT with a copy of the Chain of Custody Form and Breath Alcohol test form. The Breath Alcohol test has immediate test results and they do not need to be sent to the laboratory and MRO to report the result, so AADT does not get a copy of the result unless you send it to us. Following these easy steps will help us all out.

As your service provider we need to notify all our clients what is required by the FMCSA to be compliant and in January we mailed out the Reasonable Suspicion training requirements and the order form. All clients with employees must have someone trained in Reasonable Suspicion. If you only use owner-operators under your operating authority, this requirement still applies to you. The only exception to this requirement is for single truck independent owner-operator motor carriers; they do not need to take this training for themselves. There is confusion on this requirement surrounding whether supervisor training applies to O-O’s who are incorporated. We are seeking guidance from U.S. DOT and will follow-up in a future issue.

According to §382.603 Training for Supervisors – Every employer shall ensure that persons designated to determine whether reasonable suspicion exists. In order to require a driver to undergo testing under §382.603, they must receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes of training on controlled substance use. The training shall cover the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances.

So if you have not had somebody supervisor-trained please fill out the order form on the back of the letter and send to us so we can process your request.

Annual MIS Reports

Question: How do I get my annual MIS reports for inspections?

Answer: Annual MIS reports are available on our website When you login to your account with your username and password they are under Inspection Reports.

Another Year, More Changes

Our first month of 2016 has come to an end and if that’s an example of what the year is going to be like then we are prepared for a fast roller coaster ride. The month flew by so quickly but not without many changes for 2016.

We have been updating all our documents including the Compliance Manual and should have all the updated information available online at hopefully before the end February. We are also looking at changing the renewal forms and random notifications to a simpler format. Read more

Stay Safe This St. Patrick’s Day

Stay Safe This St. Patrick's Day

Make a plan before you party:

Designate a Sober Driver This St. Patrick’s Day

Fact: St. Patrick’s Day Is Dangerous

  • Widely celebrated across the country, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the deadliest holidays due to the number of drunk drivers on the road. The St. Patrick’s Day holiday period (6 p.m. March 16 to 5:59 a.m. March 18) from 2010 to 2014 saw the loss of 266 lives due to drunk-driving crashes.
  • In 2014, alone, 29 people (28% of all crash fatalities) were killed in drunk-driving crashes over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday period.
  • Read more

So is DOT Actually Watching and Investigating Fraudulent Behavior Associated with Drug Testing?

We hear this question quite regularly, and the answer is Yes!

The FMCSA issued a Notice of Proposed Exclusion (NOPE) to a Elizabeth “Betsy” Pope, and Eastgate Laboratory Testing, in Tennessee and all other places that it was doing business.

On January 20, 2015, the agency notifyed Ms. Pope that she had engaged in serious noncompliance. In the NOPE, the FMCSA stated that the DOT’s Office of the Inspector General conducted a criminal investigation of the company’s activities.

On August 18, 2015, The Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a decision and order under the Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs that excludes a service agent, Elizabeth “Betsy” Pope d/b/a Eastgate Laboratory Testing, from providing drug and alcohol testing services in any capacity to any DOT regulated employer for a period of 5 years.

Ms. Pope and her company provided Medical Review Officer services to DOT-regulated trucking companies when Ms. Pope was not qualified to act as a Medical Review Officer.

Read the Federal Register notice on the Public Interest Exclusion. – See more at:

Feds Targeting Impaired Driving with New Highway Bill

America’s Surface Transportation Act or FAST Act” contains two provisions designed to attack the problem of increasing traffic deaths in the U.S. The U.S. is on track to have the highest number of highway related deaths since 2007.

While an improving economy always means an increase in miles traveled with a corresponding increase in traffic crashes and fatalities, add in the effect of distracted driving and the legalization of marijuana in more states and its understandable that federal officials are concerned about new ways to reduce the carnage.
Read more

Background Check Services in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated

“Over the past five years, market share concentration has marginally increased due to some consolidation among leading industry firms,” says Blau. For instance, Sterling Infosystems’ 2011 acquisition of Axciom’s background screening business doubled the market share of one of the larger firms in this industry. Likewise, Symphony Technology Group acquired industry major player LexisNexis in 2013, forming First Advantage, one of the largest global screening analytics and identity solutions providers.

Random Drug Tests Before End of Year

Question: Why is it important to get my random drug tests in before the end of the year?

Answer: Since you are a member of a Consortium all testing must be completed before the end of the year so the Consortium’s computer system can tally the Consortium Data for the year.

If testing is not completed before the end of the year then ALL clients in the testing pool are out of compliance if we don’t meet the required percentages.(c) You must report the result as provided in § 40.161 .

Year End

The year is finally coming to an end; time just seems to fly by faster every year. We at AADT have a few reminders that you should always have in mind when the year closes.

Final Quarter Random Notifications:

Please make sure to test all drivers right away and get all documentation over to us so it can be documented in our system. If a person is no longer with the company then make a notation on the random notification over to us so we can remove the driver/person and the system will select an alternate if there is one to select. Any person who will be out for more than 30 days should be removed from your list of active drivers. Read more

DOT Inspectors Cracking Down on Drug Testing Evasion

The importance of responding to a random notification and testing in a timely manner should not be ignored. The consequences to the driver for not following protocol can be career ending. As the administrator of the program for our clients, we are required to keep documentation of all notifications mailed out and all communication from clients regarding notification. DOT inspectors will call to verify information and enrollment when they are performing compliance reviews, safety audits, or terminal inspections. Read more

AADT Receives Hundreds of Calls Due to Deceptive Ads

DOTscamAADT Receives Hundreds of Calls Due to Deceptive Faxes, Emails And Text Messages from Unscrupulous Competitors

A few months ago, we warned our members and clients that certain drug testing consortiums are utilizing illegal and highly deceptive marketing schemes to virtually scare people/AADT clients into doing the wrong thing.

In general, these companies utilize one page letters or notices sent via email, fax, junk mail and even in text messages. They contain headings like: COMPLIANCE NOTICE or FINAL NOTICE, images of government buildings and barcodes, along with Federal DOT #XXXXXX, and threating code sections etc. It’s all a scam! Read more