Renewals – What Ever Happened To the Good Old Days When You Mailed Them Out?

We have been receiving several comments regarding the Renewal forms, since going paperless. As part of our going green efforts we are continually suggesting to clients that they use electronic communications, based on emails or fax – we of course suggest email.

If you have an email address or fax number noted in the system and your renewal is going up for re-enrollment, our system automatically sends out an email and fax to you. If the system receives no response after trying then it sends out a hard copy by mail. Again, consistent with our efforts to “go green,” we are trying to reduce or eliminate the use of paper documents. We hope all of our clients will be happy with this new paperless service options.

Q: My enrollment with AADT will be expiring shortly, how can I renew?

A: There are several ways you can renew your enrollment in AADT with ease:

  • Option 1: Online Payment – If you have not registerd your AADT account online, you may do so by visiting, click on ‘Account Registration’ button. Your online account allows you to renew if your enrollment has not expired. and make a payment, remember to write your username and password once you have completed your sign-up
  • Option 2: Scan and email your Renewal paperwork to us at
  • Option 3: Fax Renewal paperwork in with Credit Card payment – AADT Fax 909-608-2058
  • Option 4: U.S. Postal Service – Regular Mail—Mail your renewal forms with check or money order. Mail in your check with ID # and the year you are renewing in MEMO area for the amount of enrollment
  • Options 5: Call Customer Service: 800-820-9314 Any representative will be happy to take your renewal payment over the phone if you are planning to pay with a Credit Card/debit