Thank you From Roadway Safety Foundation

Roadway Safety Foundation letter was sent in to our Corporate office on March 19, 2013


Dear Lee:

On behalf of the Roadway Safety Foundation (RSF), its Board of Trustees, and its Advisory Committee, I want to thank you for your financial support of RSF and its program for the year 2013.

We deeply appreciate your recent membership investment.

As a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, RSF depends on contributions from members like you to help fund ongoing safety initiatives and operations. Your continuing financial commitment to RSF is a vote of confidence in our mission and goals as we work “toward zero fatalities.”

As you know, RSF has actively fulfilled its commitments to the FHWA on a multi-year cooperative agreement that addresses important program currently being advances in several states, which we hop to expand in 2013 and beyond. Your support for RSF’s programs in essential for their success and validates to our grant providers and other donors that the safety community is committed to the important work of the Foundation.

All of us on the RSF team look forward to working with you again this year, and hope you will call on us if you have any questions or suggestions about the Foundation’s programs. We value your feedback and anticipate a rewarding and productive future for RSF


Gregory M. Cohen, P.E.

Executive Director

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